Go-Lab Open Call for Teachers

Wednesday, 28. June 2017

Are you a teacher? Do you want to enrich your classes with exciting experiments and appealing demonstrations? Do you want your students to get hands-on experience of doing science? Then join the Go-Lab Initiative and find out how to use the Go-Lab Ecosystem!

We will train you in using the online labs and the authoring tool Graasp, help you create inquiry-based learning scenarios for your classes and implement these scenarios in personalized Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs). You will get access to the online labs and use them together with your students! You will also have the opportunity to become a Go-Lab Expert Teacher and receive extra recognition for your acquired skills!

Participation is possible at any time until January 2020. Would you like to receive more information on the project? Then get in touch with your local representative (see the list below) to find out more about the events and opportunities in your country and to become a Go-Lab Teacher!

You are also welcome to join the online Go-Lab community (if you don’t have a Graasp account yet, please first sign up here, so you can proceed to the community registration form).

Country Contact Person Email Address
Belgium (Flanders) Fatiha Baki bakifatiha@gmail.com
Belgium (Wallonia) Patricia Corieri pcorieri@ulb.ac.be
Bulgaria Svetla Mavrodieva svetla.mavrodieva@gmail.com
Croatia Ivana Gugić ivana.gugic@gmail.com
Cyprus Nikoletta Xenofontos xenofontos.nikoletta@ucy.ac.cy
Czech Republic Helena Lazarová h.lazarova@seznam.cz
Estonia Margus Pedaste margus.pedaste@ut.ee
Finland Koen Veermans koevee@utu.fi
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Silvana Ristevska ristevskas@yahoo.com
France Gerard Vidal gerard.vidal@ens-lyon.fr
Germany Jörg Haas haas@jakob-fugger-gymnasium.de
Greece Alexandros Chiotellis achiotellis@ea.gr
Greece Evgenia Kipriotis ekypriotis@ea.gr
Hungary Filep Doina Otilia filepotika@gmail.com
Israel Stella Magid-Podolsky stella.magid@gmail.com
Italy Stefano Macchia bushstefan@gmail.com
Latvia Ilze Šmate ilze77ilze@gmail.com
Lithuania Norbertas Airošius norbertui@gmail.com
Malta Geraldine Fsadni gfsadni@maltanet.net
Netherlands Henny Leemkuil h.h.leemkuil@utwente.nl
Poland Malgorzata Maslowska malmaslow@gmail.com
Portugal Carlos Santos geral@nuclio.pt
Romania Lidia Ristea lidiaristea2004@yahoo.com
Serbia Nada Stojičević nada4web@gmail.com
Slovakia Gabriela Krížovská gabriela.krizovska@gmail.com
Spain Iratxe Menchaca Sierra iratxe.mentxaka@deusto.es
Sweden Preeti Gahlawat preetivij@gmail.com
Switzerland Philippe Kobel philippe.kobel@gmail.com
Turkey Erkan Akar akarerkan@gmail.com
United Kingdom Effie Law lcl9@le.ac.uk
Other countries Anastasiya Boiko anastasiya.boiko@eun.org




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