Next-Lab Project

The Next-Lab Project (Next Generation Stakeholders and Next Level Ecosystem for Collaborative Science Education with Online Labs) is a European research project focused on introducing inquiry-based science education (IBSE) in schools. Next-Lab continues the mission of the project Go-Lab, promoting innovative and interactive methods of teaching science in primary and secondary schools.

Next-Lab provides a varied portfolio of advanced online learning tools in science topics, which contains hundreds of virtual and remote science laboratories, inquiry learning applications and Inquiry Learning Spaces. Furthermore, there is an authoring tool for teachers they can use to create own cross-curriculum learning scenarios and share them with their students.

Using Next‐Lab, students benefit from the rich, challenging learning experiences, shaping their science and technology knowledge together with social competencies. The innovative tools of Next-Lab guide students though the research process, helping them to acquire in-depth understanding of scientific topics as well as 21st century collaboration and reflection skills.

Work together with Next-Lab as…

…a teacher

Using Next-Lab, you can enrich your classroom sessions with unique virtual scenarios containing integrated experiments with online labs as well as supportive inquiry apps. Our authoring tool allows you to create your own Inquiry Learning Spaces or change already existing ones to adapt them to the learning needs of your students. Furthermore, you can benefit from training workshops we offer to support you in introducing inquiry-based science education (IBSE) approach in your everyday teaching practice. And if you are already experienced in using our tools, we will train you to become an Ambassador promoting IBSE among your colleagues.

…a teacher trainer

Our close cooperation with teacher training institutions aims to make inquiry-based science education (IBSE) approach and learning with online labs a part of the training curriculum for pre-service teachers. As a teacher trainer, you can benefit from our Ambassador workshops introducing you to the use of inquiry learning instruments of Next-Lab. Furthermore, we will assist you in creating your own training curriculum and diverse materials for teachers, so you can conduct workshops yourself and assist teachers in implementing inquiry-based learning scenarios in their classrooms.

…a lab owner

As a lab owner (scientific organization, university, research institution or commercial company), you have the possibility to publish and share your remote and virtual laboratories on our platform fostering the dialog between teachers, students, and scientists and providing them with valuable learning resources. Simultaneously, it will increase the visibility and attraction of your lab and your institution for diverse groups of stakeholders.

Create ILS

Create your own ILS and share it with your students and other teachers

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