User Manuals

Go-Lab - Classroom Scenarios Handbook

This Go-Lab scenarios handbook is made for Go-Lab teachers that are planning to create and design Go-Lab Inquiry Learning Spaces (ILSs).

the English version - EN.pdf link

Please find the Classroom Scenario handbooks in your languages.

  • Go-Lab - Наръчник с учебни сценарии - BG.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Go-Labi õpistsenaariumite käsiraamat - ET.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Handboek voor klasscenario’s - NL.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Manual de cenários de sala de aula Go-Lab - PT.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Eskolako balizko egoeren gidaliburua - EU.pdf link

Go-Lab - Teachers’ Support Manual

This Teachers’ Support Manual aims to help science teachers to access Go-Lab’s methodology, tools and resources so as to create and deliver inquiry-based and technology-enhanced activities to use with students.

The English version - EN.pdf link

Please find the Teachers' Support Manual in your languages.

  • Go-Lab - Помощно ръководство за учители - BG.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Go-Labi õpetajate käsiraamat - ET.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Handleiding voor leerkrachten - NL.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Manual Go-Lab de Apoio a Professores - PT.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Εγχειρίδιο Υποστήριξης Εκπαιδευτικών Go-Lab - EL.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Handbuch für Lehrkräfte - DE.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Manual de sprijin pentru profesorii Go-Lab - RO.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Manual de apoyo para docentes de Go-Lab - ES.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Irakasleentzako Laguntza-eskuliburua - EU.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Manual de suport al docent de Go-Lab - CA.pdf link
  • Go-Lab - Go-Lab - Okulda Sorgulayici Öğrenme - TR.pdf link

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